Whether you’re a fashion, a portrait or a still-life photographer, it’s essential that your studio is safe for the general public, your clients and your staff to prevent accidents.

Here are a few top tips to help photographers prevent accidents in their studio:

  • Never leave the studio unattended.
  • Carry out a risk assessment daily to eliminate hazards.
  • Ensure all loose cables are securely taped down, with hazard or duct tape, to avoid people tripping over them.
  • When setting up the studio ensure there is enough room for clients and staff to move around safely.
  • When setting up the studio lights ensure that all tripod stands have the single leg aligned with the light fitting and the other 2 legs at the back, to avoid the stand tipping over.
  • Ensure that all light fittings are secured correctly before using or moving a stand
  • Take care when changing attachments to avoid burns, as lights can become very hot
  • When moving a lighting unit always replace the protective cover to avoid burns and damaging the bulb.
  • Be careful with liquids and keep them away from electricity
  • Always make sure all power packs and monolights are switched off and discharged before plugging or unplugging lights or power.
  • Ensure all light fittings are put away securely and if they are hung onto the wall ensure they are above head height to prevent people banging their heads.
  • Pack light units away securely in boxes, with unit covers on and wires wrapped up.

However hard we try sometimes things do go wrong, and if the worst should happen it is important to protect your business against costly third party claims.

Public Liability Insurance is designed to protect businesses in such cases and Infocus Photography Insurance, with our knowledge of working with the photography industry; we can advise you and tailor our cover to match your specific requirements.

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