Here in the UK we are well into the summer holiday travel season and that includes Professional Photographers as well as amateurs. The publication Airline Reporter talks about loss or damage to valuable if not treasured photos and the options available to recover them. It draws a clear distinction between loss or damage caused by Software problems as opposed to Hardware problems and the very different Software and Hardware recovery and repair solutions.

What it doesn’t talk about much is the cost of recovery. If the free DIY software solutions work then this is not an issue. However more complicated Software and Hardware problems may require the services of recovery experts who do require payment for their services. Fees for top of the range recovery experts can start in the thousands of pounds.

It’s a great idea to check whether you have cover for Data Recovery costs and Hardware repair costs and under what circumstance do they pay out or not pay out more to the point. Traditional covers against loss or damage caused by Fires, Floods, Accidental Damage and Theft may fail to protect against technology failures, breakdowns or malware infections.

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