Surely that can’t be possible. But it is. He has been commissioned by no less a company than Burberry to help promote their new brand of perfumes

Promote is the operative word. He has millions of social media followers and fans, which on their own are sufficient marketing collateral to turn heads of the biggest companies. On top of that there is the phenomenon of brand Beckham.

All this is very powerful stuff.

But can he really be counted among the Dominion of Photographers who have taken decades to learn their craft and build reputations and businesses?

Obviously not. Clearly he is way too young to a master of this craft. To pretend otherwise would be ridiculous.

So do Photographers need to take a moment to understand what is going on here and can they take any positives from this sudden elevation of Master Beckham.

First thing that springs to mind is the unique upbringing. He casually walks amidst sports, films stars, royalty and entrepreneurs’ galore. It is the photography worlds good fortune that he has taken an interest in photography, which can only help promote the profession. Our modern day Lord Snowdon.

Photography shoots to him are as familiar as walks in the park to most teenagers. He has been in front of a camera so often from a very early age, it is perhaps not surprising he has a good understanding of the art of creating a photo shoot and a developing understanding of how to use a Professional Camera. Will he have back up from professional photographers and editors…. of course he will. That’s his good fortune and we shouldn’t dwell on this.

Was he clutching a camera phone? No…. he used a DSLR camera. That alone will have equipment manufactures, retailers and training schools frothing at the mouth eagerly anticipating a new breed of togs looking to emulate this young, if privileged boy.

Above all it shows us how important Branding and Marketing is to creating a successful photography business.

Brooklyn, it seems doesn’t want to spend his life in front of a camera so the best way to avoid that is to get behind one. Do we blame him or applaud him?

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